Autumn 2017-2018


December 2017: Ruby Class children received a very special delivery from Santa. Inside was a letter from Santa for every child and some special treats. Santa congratulated the children on how well they had done in their Christmas play and asked them to make sure that they were in bed nice and early on Christmas Eve so that he could deliver their presents. 

Santa letter December 2017

December 2017: As part of their learning about Christmas Reception children were able to visit St Francis' church and explore different parts of the Christmas story. 

01.12.2017: This afternoon Reception children had great fun making Christmas decorations with their parents. The children had the opportunity to make a Christmas wreath using tinsel, a tree decoration made with a pine cone and glitter and Christmas pudding truffles. Even though all of the children and some of the adults needed a good wash by the end of it, great fun was had by all. 

Decorations day 01.12.2017

09.10.2017: This afternoon Reception children learnt a Creation story song and thought of different actions to represent each of the 7 days. Can you work out what God creates on each day? 

Creation story song 09.11.2017

08.11.2017: This morning Ruby class learnt about how God is a special name and should be treated with Respect. The children then created their own individual special name cards to represent how special someone's name is. 

07.11.2017: This morning Ruby class explored in detail the Creation story. They read the story 'In the Beginning' and thought of actions for the different days. Mrs Guy then acted the part of God as the children retold the Creation story. 

In the beginning retelling 07.11.2017

06.11.2017: Following on from the earlier whole school activity of making the world Ruby class went on a Minibeast hunt outside in the nature area. They reflected on how we need to look after all of God's creatures even the tiniest of animals as they are all special to God. Can you spot the different Minibeasts we found?

06.11.2017: To begin our whole school Creation week Ruby class took part in making the world outside using different material and objects. Ruby class had the role of putting the sea creatures onto the model. It was lovely to see the whole school working together to create the world. 

02.11.2017: This morning Ruby class had great fun making chocolate covered apples in cookery. They had to use their strength to push the stick through the apple, then cover the apple in chocolate and finally decide whether they wanted coloured or glitter sprinkles. 

Cookery 02.11.2017

Week beginning 30.10.2017: This week Ruby class explored a variety of fairy tales by retelling them using the story wooden spoons. The children also were able to practise their letter formation of 's' using different media, e.g. paint and sand in trays and making a letter 's' using gems. 

20.10.2017: This afternoon Reception children were able to light their Diva lamps that they had made out of clay and painted as part of their learning about Diwali. The children spent some time reflecting on what they have learnt this half term in RE. They then had an opportunity to practise their Bollywood dancing with the coloured pieces of material that they had used last Friday in the hall. 

RE 20.10.2017

19.10.2017: This morning Ruby Class made some chocolate chip shortbread in their cookery lesson. They worked together to measure out the ingredients and mix them all together. They then had a turn at choosing a shape and cutting that shape out of the shortbread dough. The classroom smelt lovely as the chocolate chip shortbread cooked.  

18.10.2017: This afternoon Reception children had an amazing time in Forest school when they toasted marshmallows and had hot chocolate round a campfire. Mrs Williams talked to all of them about how to be safe when we are near fire. They all had a go at using a fire steel to create a spark. The children and adults then got to make a S'more by squishing their toasted marshmallow between two biscuits - yummy. 

17.10.2017: This afternoon Reception children went outside and did some gardening. They had to prepare the soil with rakes and then planted the carrot, cress and broad bean seeds. The children then had to water the seeds to help them to grow. The children then estimated how long it would take for the seeds to grow. 

Gardening 17.10.2017

17.10.2017: This morning Ruby Class learnt about Rangoli and Mehndi patterns as part of Diwali. Ruby class worked together to paint patterns on each other's hands and coloured in Rangoli patterns. 

13.10.2017: This morning as part of their learning about Diwali Ruby class took part in a Bollywood dance lesson. The children were able to use different coloured material to dance with, with their partners and they all moved around the room in different ways. 

12.10.2017: This morning Ruby Class made sausage rolls and practised their rolling and cutting skills. The children helped each other to make sure all of their sausages were covered in pastry, even Mrs Guy had a go. 

Cookery 12.10.2017

11.10.2017: This afternoon Reception children had great fun painting with their feet and the mud that they had collected the previous week. It was lovely to watch their faces as their feet squelched through the tray of mud and then a very kind Mrs Guy gave them all a lovely feet wash. 

04.10.2017: This afternoon Reception children had great fun outside making their very own paint using natural resources. The children had to collect the different materials for their paint and then squish them together using their feet. They then got to get messy, painting on the trees and on the ground. 

Forest School 04.10.2017

28.09.2017: This morning Ruby Class enjoyed making Numicon number biscuits decorated with icing and chocolate buttons for the holes. The children took it in turns to mix the ingredients together and then were able to practice their spreading skills. Ruby Class then had to use their number knowledge to work out which number they all wanted to choose, it may surprise people that a lot of the children chose the Numicon number 10. 

27.09.2017: This afternoon Reception children explored the nature area in the school grounds. The children used their maths skills to collect a certain number of objects found in nature. They then had to build a home for an animal that you might find in the woods, it was lovely to see the children showing each other what they had built and saying what they liked about their friends homes. 

Forest School 27.09.2017

21.09.2017: This morning Ruby Class had their very first cookery lesson making toast. The children had to practice their spreading skills and then enjoyed eating the toast. They all said that they would now help at home making the breakfast at the weekend, making toast for their families. 

20.09.2017: This afternoon Reception children went on a walk outside looking for the signs of autumn. The children had to use their eyes to spot different coloured leaves on the ground and then had great fun rolling on the floor making patterns in the grass.

Forest School 20.09.2017

15.09.2017: This afternoon, as part of RE, Reception children went on a nature walk looking for signs of autumn. The children then had a chance to either make an autumnal collage or print in play dough using different objects e.g. conkers, pine cones, sticks and leaves. 

14.09.2017: This afternoon Reception children were able to make play dough. The children had to measure out flour, salt, water and oil. They then chose to add different colours and smells to the play dough. The Reception children enjoyed mixing the play dough with their hands and feeling how squidgy it was. 

Play dough 14.09.2017

13.09.2017: This afternoon Reception children enjoyed another Forest School session in the woods. Mrs Williams read 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' as the children were able to squelch through mud and walk through swishy swashy grass. 

13.09.2017: This morning Ruby Class were able to go outside in the windy weather and fly carrier bag kites. The children ran around as their kites flew behind them in the wind albeit with the odd escapee kite. 

Windy weather 13.09.2017

11.09.2017: This morning a child in Ruby Class brought in a caterpillar that they had found at home. The children were fascinated with it and spent the morning looking at it crawl around the leaves eating and eating. Apparently it will turn into a type of moth. 

Caterpillar 11.09.2017

06.09.2017: This afternoon Reception children experienced their very first Forest School with Mrs Williams. The children went on a walk to the woods nearby and enjoyed going on a nature hunt. The Reception children showed good listening skills as Mrs Williams talked about what they had found and how not to pick something up unless they had checked with an adult first.