Autumn 2018-2019


12.11.2018: This morning, Ruby class took part in a dance workshop focusing on God the giver of light, to begin Incarnation week. The children thought about different sources of light and how they might show these with their bodies and faces. Finally they came up with a movement for dark and light to represent God bringing light to the world. It was lovely to see all of the children actively participate in the workshop. 


06.11.2018: For Wellbeing today, Ruby class took part in a relaxation session focussing on their breathing and stretching. The children were able to be calm for a few minutes at the end of a busy morning, ready for lunch and the afternoon. Even Mrs Guy took part.

24.10.2018: This morning, as part of Healthy Eating week, Ruby class were able to make their very own smoothies. The children had chosen what fruit and juice they would like and then were able to watch it being made. As you can see from the photos the children really enjoyed drinking them. Afterwards the children all took part in a PE lesson to show that, as part of a balanced diet, we need to exercise too. 

18.09.2018: This morning Ruby class enjoyed exploring the windy weather outside. They were able to run about and make their kites, made out of carrier bags and string, fly. The children were excited when the odd kite got caught in the wind and tried to get away. 

13.09.2018: This morning Ruby class enjoyed eating the stewed plums and apples, that they had made yesterday afternoon, with bread for snack time. The children practised their spreading skills using a knife. A very kind neighbour and parent donated the plums and apples for the children to cook with.