SPRING 2016-2017


30.03.17: This morning Nursery children had their Easter bonnet parade outside in front of the rest of the school and their parents. It was great to see all of their fantastic designs including a rabbit in a car, a pink bow and lots of chicks and rabbits.

nursery easter bonnet parade 30.03.2017

29.03.17: This afternoon Reception children made chocolate Easter nests. They did this by crushing shredded wheat biscuits using a rolling pin, mixing in melted chocolate, spooning the mixture into cases and topping with chocolate mini eggs. Mrs Guy may even have allowed the children to lick the bowl at the end.

29.03.17: Yesterday Ruby Class explored different plastic containers and whether or not they would float or sink. The children found that the majority of the plastic containers floated, so then the children were asked what would happen if marbles were added to the containers. This morning the children were each given a sheet of tin foil and the option of using a bottle top to build a boat that would float while holding a marble. It was really interesting to see the children's different designs and which ones floated and which ones sank. 

sinking and floating 29.03.2017

27.03.17: This week Ruby Class are going to be exploring objects that float or sink. Today the children talked with their learning partners about which objects they thought would float or sink and why. They were then able to test their predictions to see if they had predicted correctly or not. Children talked about if an object's size, weight or shape would make it float or sink and it was great to hear the discussion between children who had different arguments for why an object might float or sink. 

24.03.17: This morning Ruby Class found a clue from the pirates that had kidnapped Poppy Penguin. The clue had a problem that the children had to solve to find out where the next clue was, outside. The children solved the maths and literacy problems to each clue and were able to find where the pirates had left Poppy Penguin on the pirate ship. The pirates had written a letter apologizing for kidnapping Poppy Penguin, thanking the children for their lovely letters asking for her back and asking for forgiveness for what they had done. 

poppy penguin kidnapped 24.03.2017

24.03.17: In cookery club today Ruby Class enjoyed making sausage rolls. They had to roll the puff pastry around the cocktail sausages and then brush a little bit of milk onto the top. They were then baked in the oven for 15 minutes. The children were excited to take them home at the end of the day and eat them!!

Week beginning 20.03.17: This morning Mrs Guy found a message to Ruby Class from some pirates that had kidnapped Poppy Penguin. The pirates want Ruby Class to each write a letter to them explaining why we would like Poppy back. Ruby Class are coming up with some lovely reasons for the pirates to return her. Hopefully by Friday the pirates will have sent a map detailing where we can go and find where they have been keeping Poppy Penguin. 


poppy penguin kidnapped 20.03.2017

09.03.17: This morning Ruby Class went outside to explore the pond area and found frogspawn in the pond. The children talked about what it could be and what might happen to it. Fingers crossed in the next couple of weeks we'll be able to see what the frogspawn turn into. 

07.03.17: This week in Literacy Ruby Class have been thinking about what 1 item they would take if they were stranded on an island. Yesterday the children pretended they were on a ship that was sailing along on the sea before hitting a rock, the children had to escape on the lifeboat before landing on an island. They then found a suitcase with different items in it including warm clothes, food, games, a teddy bear and bricks to build a shelter with. Today the children went outside to the island with the 1 item that they had chosen, after 5 minutes the children could choose to swap their item if they wanted to. Ruby Class talked about why they had chosen their item. 

desert island 07.03.2017

03.03.17: This morning Ruby Class had a go at making Hot Cross Buns. The children were then able to try them at the end of the morning while reflecting on all that they have learnt during Salvation week. When asked why Christians celebrate Easter no chocolate eggs or bunnies were mentioned!!

03.03.17: Today Ruby Class learnt about the Easter story. The children then made an Easter garden in small groups using different materials to represent the Cross and garden where Jesus was laid to rest. We talked about how Jesus was a very special person, being the Son of God, and therefore came back to talk to people about being kind to one another and that even if we make a mistake we can be forgiven. 

02.03.17: This morning for World Book Day parents were able to come into Ruby Class and read stories with Ruby Class. Favourite stories from home and school were shared with the children. All of the children looked fantastic in their book character costumes. Mrs Guy in her Stick Man costume looked particularly good!!

world book day 02.03.2017

28.02.17: Continuing on from making and eating some pancakes Ruby Class went outside and had pancake races. The children split into 2 teams and had to run holding the frying pan with a pancake in, then they had to try and flip the pancake over and then run back and give the frying pan to the next person. Some of the pancakes did end up on the floor!

pancake races 28.02.2017

28.02.17: This morning Ruby Class learnt about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. The children talked about what they would give up or an act of kindness that they would try to do for Lent. Then they got to have a go at making pancakes which they really enjoyed. All of the children then got to eat a pancake with a choice of toppings, as you can imagine there were sticky fingers all round!

making pancakes 28.02.2017

27.02.17: To start off our week of learning about the Easter story Ruby Class learnt about Palm Sunday. We talked about what the children knew of Easter already and Easter bunnies and Chocolate Eggs were mentioned. The children then acted out when Jesus came to Jerusalem and how people celebrated his arrival and how some people did not like Jesus. Some of the children laid down palm branches in front of Jesus to walk along. 

06.02.17: Today Ruby Class went outside and had great fun exploring balloons. They had to try and keep control of their balloon and not let it get too far in front of them. The children then had races using their balloons in different ways e.g. between their legs. Even when the odd balloon popped all of the children enjoyed it. 

balloon fun 06.02.2017

27.01.17: In RE this afternoon Reception children went on a nature walk to look for what signs of winter they could find. The children also talked about whether or not the plants and trees were alive or dead and whether or not the leaves have always been brown. At the end the children were then able to see a robin on the gate and had to stand really still to see if it would come and eat the food that the children had made earlier in the week. 

nature walk 27.01.2017

27.01.17: This morning Ruby Class had great fun baking Numicon number biscuits and exploring the sea creatures that had got stuck in the ice outside. The children enjoyed decorating the biscuits with icing and chocolate buttons. They also liked using tooth brushes to try and free the animals stuck in the ice. 

25.01.17: Nursery children enjoyed painting a large shark for our Under the Sea role play area this morning. It was really nice to see the children working together as part of a team to finish the painting. If you come in on a Thursday morning make sure you watch out for the shark's sharp teeth!!

under the sea 25.01.2017

24.01.17: This morning Reception children made food for the birds using porridge oats, cheerios and fruit. They mixed the ingredients all together with butter and then put the food into yogurt pots to set in the fridge. Let's hope that the two robins we have seen in the garden will come and have a taste.

20.01.17: In RE this afternoon, Reception children learnt about the Creation story. They went outside to the story area and recreated it using different resources. Mrs Williams played the role of God and talked to the children about what God made on each of the 6 days and how he rested on the 7th day. Using physical resources really helped the children to engage with the story. 

20.01.17: In cookery today, we made Fish Finger Sandwiches. The children were asked to butter their own slice of bread and could spread Tomato Ketchup  if they wanted to. As you can see the sandwiches went down a treat, so much so that the children wanted to bring the other adults in the school one too. 

Fish Finger Sandwiches 20.01.2017