Ruby Class 2017-2018 Spring term


16.03.2018: This afternoon Reception children, with Mrs Williams, learnt about the Easter story and recreated it in the hall. The children then thought about how they would feel on the different days of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday if they were friends of Jesus. 

RE EASTER STORY 16.03.2018

01.03.2018: This morning Mr Philby read Ruby Class a story. The children and their teddy bears enjoyed hearing about The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. 

28.02.2018: Ruby Class had great fun this morning exploring the snow outside on the field. The children made Snow Angels and tried hard to catch as many snow flakes as they could. It was lovely to see them all playing together despite the cold weather. 

FUN IN THE SNOW 28.02.2018

28.02.2018: This morning Ruby Class made marmalade tarts, as part of World Book Week. Mrs Guy read her favourite book, Paddington Bear by Michael Bond to the children and we all know how much Paddington loves marmalade. 

27.02.2018: Mrs Johnson came in and read a story to Ruby Class. The children liked hearing the story about The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp. They found it funny when the dragon blew the Princess' tower away.

26.02.2018: This morning, as part of World Book week celebrations, Mrs Banks read Ruby Class a story. The children enjoyed hearing about the adventures of the Snail and the Whale in Julia Donaldson's story. Afterwards they talked about their favourite part of the story, with many children liking the part where the Snail saved the day. 

23.02.2018: This morning Ruby Class had great fun outside taking part in a pancake relay race. The children had to run with their pancake in a frying pan and then try to flip it up in the air before passing it to the next child. 

pancake race 23.02.2018

22.02.2018: As part of Chinese New Year the children learnt about the race that the 12 animals had to decide which order the years would be named after them. They then looked at which animal they were for the year that they were born. The children then had the chance to taste some different Chinese food.

21.02.2018: As part of celebrating Shrove Tuesday the children made pancakes and were able to taste one with either Golden Syrup or Chocolate Sauce. The children practised their spreading and rolling skills. They also learnt about why Christians celebrate Shrove Tuesday. 

pancake making 21.02.2018

09.02.2018: This afternoon Reception had the opportunity to explore the gym apparatus in the hall as part of PE. They had to use their gross motor skills to climb and pull themselves up on the equipment. 


02.02.2018: This afternoon Reception children went outside and explored the natural world looking for signs of Winter and Spring. The children did have to look really carefully for signs of Spring. It was lovely to see how excited the children were to find Minibeasts at the end and how careful they were with them. 

RE 02.02.2018

25.01.2018: This morning Ruby Class had the opportunity to watch Mrs Guy have her hair cut in our Ruby Class Hairdressers. The children were able to ask Paulette the questions that they had thought of the previous day to find out more about what a hairdresser does and how the different equipment that they use works. 

Hairdresser 25.01.2018