Summer 2016-2017


17.07.2017: This morning Nursery children had their sports day. They all took part in 3 races; a running race, balancing a beanbag on their head and an obstacle course where they finished the race wearing a silly hat. It was lovely to see the rest of the school and their parents cheer all of the children on.  

14.07.2017: This afternoon Reception children had Forest School. The children had to collect different natural objects that they found on the ground around them. They then had a piece of card with double sided tape stuck to it so that they could create their very own nature picture. 

forest school 14.07.2017

10.07.2017: This morning Ruby Class had the opportunity to learn about and explore Islam. The children were read a lovely story linked to all the different colours and then had the chance to play a memory game together. They were then taught a song based on '5 little speckled frogs' all about eating dates and Ramadan. At the end of the day the whole school came together to share what they had done and learnt. 

07.07.2017: Today Ruby and Amber Class went on their school trip to Paradise Wildlife Park. Great fun was had by all and it was lovely to see the children's excited faces as they walked around visiting all the different animals. The children had the chance to feed the penguins and listen to a talk about the lemurs. Then in the afternoon the children were able to explore the amazing adventure playground at the park. It was really nice to hear the children say at the end of the day that they wanted to come back with their families for another trip.  

Paradise wildlife park 07.07.2017

06.07.2017: This afternoon Reception had a great time building homes for Mrs Williams' woodland animals. They worked together in pairs and had to use the different natural materials that they could find around them. All of the children worked hard to think about what the animals needed to be sheltered. 

forest school 06.07.2017

27.06.2017: This morning Ruby class had the opportunity to take part in an archery PE lesson. The children had to, using a bow and arrow, hit different sized and numbered targets. It was wonderful to see the Reception children helping the Nursery children and for them to work together sharing and taking turns. 

Archery 27.06.2017

23.06.2017: This morning Ruby class excitedly released the butterflies in the secret garden outside. Everyone who wanted too also got to hold a butterfly, taking care not to hurt it. It was lovely to see the enjoyment that the children had having watched them grow from tiny caterpillars into beautiful butterflies and being able to watch them fly away. 

June 2017: Ruby class have had little visitors in the classroom this month. The children helped to put the tiny caterpillars into their pots, then they watched them eat and eat and turn into big fat caterpillars. The caterpillars then turned into chrysalis' and finally they turned into butterflies. The children have come in every day excited to see the changes that were happening to the caterpillars. 

Caterpillars June 2017

23.06.2017: This afternoon Reception children had another Forest school session with Mrs Williams. The children collected different natural objects to make their very own place mat. They worked together 

forest school 23.06.2017

19.06.2017: This morning Ruby Class had a chance to experience a dance workshop. The lady showed the children how to warm up and then different dance movements that the children then put to music. It was lovely to see the children all taking part, having fun exercising. 

dance workshop 19.06.2017

16.06.2017: This afternoon Reception children had an amazing time building their dens, in their groups, with the rest of the school. Every group had children from each year group. It was lovely to see everyone working together, cooperating and working as a team to construct their dens. 

16.06.2017: This morning Nursery children had their chance to build a den in support of Save the Children. They worked together to choose the different materials that they wanted to use and then constructed it, working as a team. The children enjoyed sitting inside together at the end once they had built  their den. 

nursery den day 16.06.2017

14.06.2017: This afternoon Reception children had their first Forest School with Mrs Williams. The children had to go on a hunt for Mrs William's friends; the woolly worms who were all hiding in the hedges. Reception children then had a great time exploring different textures through bark rubbing using pieces of paper and wax crayons. 

07.06.2017: This morning Ruby Class were able to go outside and have fun in the windy weather. The children worked together in pairs to fly kites made out of carrier bags and string. Just a few kites had to be chased across the playground as they tried to escape. 

windy weather 07.06.2017

26.05.2017: This afternoon Reception children had an amazing time outside in our beach area. In RE, this half term, Ruby Class have been learning about special places both in school and outside of school. All of the children had fun playing in the sand, splashing in the rock pools and eating ice lollies on the beach. There were even some sunbathers. 

beach afternoon 26.05.2017

26.05.2017: This morning Ruby Class had great fun taking part in the Sapphire Class workshops. These included 'Bang', Cockernhoe's very own version of Stomp, a treasure hunt, a smoothie bar, observational drawing and a gymnastics workshop. It was lovely to see Sapphire Class children working with Ruby Class. Several of Ruby Class children said that 'it was the best day at school ever'. 

sapphire class workshops 26.05.2017

Week beginning 15.05.2017:

This week in maths Reception children are exploring the properties of different 2D shapes including semi-circle, pentagon and hexagon. They will be going on a 2D shape hunt inside and outside of the classroom looking for 'real life' examples of 2D shape. 

This week in maths Nursery children are learning about numbers 11-20. They will explore the teen numbers, working out 1 more and 1 less than a number and how to make the numbers using Numicon and other resources e.g. Multi-link cubes. 

15.05.2017: This morning Ruby Class had a visit from Zoo-lab. The children learnt about a Bearded Dragon, a Giant African Snail, a Cockroach, a Tarantula, a Snake and a Rat. They were able to touch and hold some of the animals. It was lovely to see all of the children sitting so nicely fascinated by all of the animals.   

Zoolab visit 15.05.2017