aUTUMN 2016-2017

21.12.16: This morning Mrs Mackrell brought to Ruby Class a very exciting parcel that had been delivered to the school office. Inside was a letter and treat from Santa for every child in Ruby Class. The adults read the letters to the children, inside Santa thanked everyone for their letters and asked that they all made sure they were in bed early on Saturday evening as he only delivers to those children who are asleep. 

Letters to Father Christmas 21.12.2016

16.12.16: This morning Ruby Class went on a very exciting walk to the post box so that they could post their letters to Santa. The children this week have been talking about what is needed when writing a letter and what we need to include on an envelope to send it in the post. Fingers crossed we will receive a reply from Santa himself before we break up for the holidays next Wednesday!

Posting letters to Santa 16.12.2016

12.12.16: This morning Ruby Class had a visit from 3 puppets; Mary, Joseph and a donkey that a Nursery child had brought in from Church. Mrs Guy talked with the children about the Christmas story and how the donkey had carried Mary a long long way to Bethlehem. 

12.12.16: This morning Ruby Class had great fun wrapping presents to put under our new Christmas tree. They had to use their fine motor skills to cut the Sellotape, wrap the paper around the boxes and write their names on the labels. I'm sure the children will be happy to help you wrap the presents at home! 

06.12.16: This morning Ruby Class had a visit from St Nicholas with the help of a child in nursery. In Germany on 6th December St Nicholas delivers treats to children who have been good in their shoes. Ruby Class were really excited to find treats in their shoes and were thankful for St Nicholas visiting them. 

05.12.16: This morning Ruby Class got to visit St Mary's Church in Luton and learn about Christmas and the meaning behind Advent. The children had great fun making Christingles too especially putting the sweets on the satsuma. They particularly liked looking at the outside of the church which they felt looked like a castle. 

02.12.16: Today Ruby Class had their decorations day with Nursery children in the morning and Reception children in the afternoon. The children enjoyed making reindeer food, snowman baubles and Santa advent calendars. Thank you to all the parents that came in and helped and more than likely went home covered in glitter. 

Decorations Day 02.12.2016

21.11.16: This week in Maths Nursery are practicing their counting 0-10 by singing different nursery songs e.g. 5 Currant Buns, 5 Little Speckled Frogs and 10 in the bed. In Maths this week Reception are practicing their counting of objects 1-10 by thinking about and coming up with some 'Top Tips for Counting' e.g. putting the objects in a line, touching each object once and double checking the answer to make sure. 

21.11.16: Last week in Literacy Ruby Class planned their toy shop that they decided would be in the role play area. The children drew their plans, talked about what they already knew about toy shops and what resources they would need to find or build to make it. This week in Literacy the children will be building and making their toy shop.

18.11.16: This afternoon Reception talked about friendship. Mrs Williams first lit the Diva lamps that the children had made and painted. The children then had to work in pairs to find pictures of friendship outside that had been broken. They worked together to put them back together again and talked about the importance of friendship. 

17.11.16: This afternoon Reception went outside and had fun exploring the autumnal weather. With their wellies and waterproof trousers on the children tried to find the biggest puddle to jump in. They then had a competition to see who could collect the most leaves and finally they enjoyed throwing the leaves up in the air and seeing where the wind took them. 

autumn weather 17.11.2016

14.11.16: This morning Ruby Class took part in a problem solving workshop. They had to work together to complete challenges involving different coloured foam shapes and blocks. One challenge was to make a large square by sorting the 25 smaller squares into colour lines. Another challenge was to rearrange the smaller squares and triangles so that they matched the picture in front of them and the final challenge was to arrange the blocks so that they made a cube. It was really good to see the children work together as a team to solve problems. 

11.11.16: This afternoon Reception painted their Diva lamps that they had made last week out of clay to celebrate Diwali. The children painted them using bright colours and used glitter to make them sparkle. 

10.11.16: Today Ruby Class talked about Remembrance day, why we wear poppies and what the money raised from selling poppies goes toward. The children then were able to make their very own poppy using either cut out red hearts or sticking pieces of red confetti to pink paper. 

making poppies 10.11.2016

09.11.16: This afternoon Reception had PE with someone teaching them from Luton Town FC and they were able to practice their ball skills. The children had to first practice dribbling the ball using small steps, they then practiced stopping the ball with their foot on top and then they tried to hold the ball between the inside of their feet and hop with it. The children finished with a game of football and everyone tried to score a goal, even if sometimes it was an own goal!!!

08.11.16: This morning during Circle Time Ruby Class explored what personal space means. They each had a hoop and had to walk, jog and run outside in a space not touching anyone else's hoop. The space then got smaller and smaller until it was a real squeeze to fit everyone in. We then put our hoops down on the floor and talked about how we would feel if someone came into our hoop/personal space. 

PERSONAL 08.11.2016

07.11.16: Today Ruby Class talked about the fireworks that they had seen and heard over the weekend. We then watched a video of fireworks to remind us of what they look like. Ruby Class then went outside and drew their very own fireworks on the ground using different colour chalk. We also talked about the different sounds that fireworks make e.g. pop, bang and whoosh. 

19.10.16:  This morning Ruby Class listened to the story 'The otter who loved to hold hands'. The children enjoyed listening to the story and how Otto the otter was worried about letting go of his mum and dad's hand to try new things but in the end he learnt it was really fun to try new things. Ruby Class then laid down and held hands to show how otters hold hands at bedtime to stop themselves floating away. 


10.10.16: This morning Ruby Class took part in an African dance workshop. They had to warm their bodies up first by stretching. The children learnt a traditional rain dance by using their arms to sow the seeds and then they had to ask for the sun and rain to come. We are sure the children will show you this dance, at home, come the spring if you need your flowers to grow!!

african dance workshop 10.10.2016

03.10.16: This afternoon Reception and Year 6 explored 2d shapes together looking at squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. First they made a picture using only 2d shapes, then they swapped their pictures with another pair and then the Year 6's had to give instructions to the Reception children on how to make them. Finally Reception and Year 6 worked together to find different shapes on a shape hunt. 

2D shapes with sapphire class 03.10.2016

12.09.16: This afternoon the reception children enjoyed working as a team whilst playing with the parachute. They had to work together to make the parachute stay high in the air long enough for children to run underneath it to the other side. The children then had fun playing different games such as 'cat and mouse' and 'shark'. They helped the child underneath (mouse) hide from the child on top (cat) and also children worked together to help stop the children underneath (sharks) catch the children sitting round the edge. 

parachute games 12.09.2016

21.07.16: This afternoon Ruby class had great fun trying to make giant bubbles using a hula hoop and some bubble mixture. The children had to be very careful when lifting up the hula hoop as they tried to keep the bubble in tact. They really enjoyed seeing their reflections in the bubbles. 

bubble fun 21.07.2016

20.07.16: With the weather outside being so lovely Coral and Ruby class enjoyed Independent Learning this morning under the shade of the trees. 

18.07.16: This morning Coral class took part in their very first Cockernhoe Sports Day. There were two races; a sack race and a running race. It was great to see all of the children persevering and even if they fell over they got back up again and carried on until the end. The whole school came out to cheer them on and so did their parents so THANK YOU!!

nursery sports day 18.07.2016

18.07.16: This morning Coral and Ruby class had a visit from 2 actors from a St Albans theatre company. One of the actors talked about how she had prepared herself to play the part of Boudica in a play; the children then had to practice their scary voices and poses and then were able to try on the headpiece she had to wear as Boudica. The children then got to watch a magic trick from the other actor who had had to learn some magic as part of his role as Harry Houdini. Finally the children got to ask both actors different questions using what they have learnt this past half term about the theatre. 

actors visit 18.07.2016

01.07.16: This morning the whole school came out to watch Ruby and Coral class release the butterflies outside by the pond. It was lovely to watch the children carefully hold the butterflies and see the wonder on their faces. We were even able to watch one of the butterflies as it was coming out of its chrysalis. 

butterfly release 01.07.2016

01.07.16: This morning Coral and Ruby class were taught how to play golf. They practiced their skills and tried really hard to hit their ball into one of the hoops and/or as near to the cone as they could.

pe lesson 01.07.2016

30.06.16: This morning Sapphire class opened two stalls selling snack and Ruby and Coral class were their customers. They had to use their selling skills to persuade Ruby and Coral class to buy snack from their stall, a range of techniques were used including buy 1 get 1 free and if you eat this carrot you'll turn into a rabbit. Ruby and Coral class also had to use what they have been learning in maths to work out how many pennies they needed to buy some fruit and milk. 

29.06.16: This afternoon Ruby class had great fun with the windy weather using kites made out of carrier bags and string. They explored how their kite worked in the wind and whether or not it would still fly if they held it high in the air, low down to the ground or standing still. Ruby class then had races running with their kites to see if holding a kite made them go faster or slower. 

windy weather 29.06.2016

28.06.16: This morning Ruby and Coral class had a visit from two Olympic athletes. They were shown how to run by keeping their arms at a 90 degree angle. The children were also given a chance to practice their race start positions. At the end of their races they really enjoyed striking different celebratory poses. 

olympic athletes 28.06.2016

21.06.16 - This afternoon Ruby class took part in Race for Life. They all wrote their own back signs choosing one of their friends to run for. All of the children had great fun and tried their best. Even Mrs Guy and myself ran!!

race for life 21.06.2016

20.06.16 - Coral and Ruby class enjoyed a Road to Rio dance workshop this morning. As a class we were representing the UK and learnt a traditional English dance. We worked in a pair to learn the dance and great fun was had by all. We then had a closing ceremony where we showed the rest of the school our fantastic dancing. 

road to rio dance workshop 20.06.2016

17.06.16 - The children in Ruby and Coral class took part in a series of forest school activities this morning. They enjoyed searching for wriggly wool worms in our wilderness area and exploring tunnels created by the trees in Cockernhoe. The children learnt all about elderflower and the tree canopy. They also developed their skills of working together as a team whilst listening to each other, supporting each other, sharing with each other and achieving well as a team as a result! 

14.06.16: In the Nature area this afternoon Ruby class were split into two groups and asked to create a trail for Mrs Guy and myself to follow in order to find their special place outside. They had to use natural objects that they found  on the floor and work together to make the trail. It was great to see the children using their negotiating and problem solving skills outside as part of a group. 

Week beginning 13.06.16: After deciding at the end of last half term that they wanted their Role play area to be a theatre Ruby and Coral class will be designing it as part of Literacy this week. They will then build it themselves at the end of the week during Independent learning. They are going to also be exploring how to book tickets for the theatre and the very important question of what snacks will be available during the interval. 

13.06.16: This morning in Maths Coral class practiced their number skills by ordering Numicon number cards 1 to 10. Coral class then took it in turns to count out the correct number of dinosaurs to match the numbers 1 to 10. 

08.06.16: This afternoon we had some special visitors arrive in the classroom. The children had to very carefully place them into a pot with caterpillar food using a tiny brush. Coral and Ruby class have read the story 'The very hungry caterpillar' and are very excited to watch as our caterpillars turn into chrysalises and then butterflies in the coming weeks. 

caterpillars 08.06.2016

07.06.16: Today Ruby class explored the newly refurbished pond area. The children used their intense eyes and could see tiny tadpoles swimming in the pond. 

23.03.16: Today Ruby class had their Maths morning with 3 activities on offer. The 1st activity consisted of a cake tray with numbers in each of the holes and the children had to count out the correct number of pasta shapes to match the numeral using tweezers. For the 2nd activity children had to throw 3 balls into numbered pots and then using Numicon write a number sentence to work out the total. The final activity  was a game of gingerbread man bingo where the children had to throw 2 dice, decide which number was the biggest and count on to find out the total of the 2. 

maths morning 23.03.2016

22.03.16: Today Ruby class explored outside by making flower art using different natural materials that they found. They had to work together to decide on a design.

flower art 22.03.2016

18.03.16: Today Coral and Ruby class learnt about appreciation. They had to take it in turns to make toast for each other and ask their friends what they wanted on their toast. The children also practised their toast making skills using a knife to spread jam on the toast and cutting the toast in half. We are sure they will all now make toast for you at home!

making toast 18.03.2016

17.03.16: This afternoon in Independent Learning some of Ruby class explored making an obstacle course. They had to use their problem solving skills to work out how to get from one end to the other. 

obstacle course 17.03.2016

16.03.16: Today in the nature area Ruby class listened to what sounds they could hear outside and then tried to make their own Spring sounds using what they could find outside.

11.03.16: Today Coral and Ruby class found some ice outside. We brought it inside and talked about how it felt and how long it would take to melt. 

ice found outside 11.03.2016

07.03.16: In Computing today we have been exploring Beebots. We had to try and navigate around blocks, move the Beebot on the road and draw a shape using the Beebot. 

Week beginning 07.03.16: In Maths this week we are learning about different strategies when trying to add 2 numbers together. 

03.03.16: On World Book day we had some parents who came into share stories with us in the morning. The children all looked great in their Nursery Rhyme costumes. 

world book day 03.03.2016

12.02.16: Today Ruby class had a go at trying to kick the ball into the net as fast as they can.

football 12.02.2016

Week beginning 08.02.16: For pancake day Coral and Ruby class went outside and had a pancake race. The challenge was to try and flip the pancake whilst trying to keep it in the frying pan.